Basic Usage

Creating a client

import cachetclient

client = cachetclient.Client(

Add a new subscriber with email verification

sub = client.subscribers.create(email='user@example.test', verify=False)

List subscribers paginated

# Pagination under the hood scaling better with large numbers of subscribers
for sub in client.subscribers.list(page=1, per_page=100):
    print(,, sub.verify_code)

Creating a component issue

from cachetclient.v1 import enums

# Issue signaling to a component there is a major outage
    name="Something blew up!",
    message="We are looking into it",

Creating component group with components

from cachetclient.v1 import enums

group = client.component_groups.create(name="Global Services")
component = client.components.create(
    name="Public webside",
    description="This is a test",
    tags="test, web, something",,

Recreating resource from json or dict

Every manager has a method for recreating a resource instance from a json string or dictionary. This can be useful if data from cachet is cached or stored somewhere like memcache or a database.

subscriber = client.subscribers.instance_from_json(json_str)
subscriber = client.subscribers.instance_from_dict(data_dict)